Which Programming Language Should You Learn Next?

Startups are increasingly using Ruby’s full-stack framework called Ruby on Rails — it’s been used to build websites like Airbnb, Groupon, and many more. If you’re a beginner and you want to become a professional developer, it’s a good idea to learn JavaScript. With that said, any of the foundational languages would also be a good choice.

Should I learn C or C++ first?

With C++ having roots in C's code, learning C will only make studying C++ that much easier down the road. C++ was originally known as “C with classes,” and there are many similarities between the two.

It’s perfect for someone who wants to be a front end developer as popular frameworks like React, Vue, and Svelte use JavaScript. There are a number of different languages that are commonly used for web development.

Which programming languages do employers want?

It may take a while, but over time the popularity of various programming languages does rise and fall significantly. That’s why New Relic takes the time to survey the programming language landscape annually, checking up on enduring favorites and keeping an eye out for emerging trends. We look at a variety of metrics and sources, ranging from job listings to activity on developer forums. When deciding which programming language to learn, it’s important not to get caught up in flashy trends and popularity contests. The best programming languages to learn in 2021 are likely the same ones that were best to learn in 2017 and 2018, and that will continue to be true for the next several years as well. Also like Java, Python has a variety of applications that make it a versatile, powerful option when choosing the best programming language for your use case. If you’re interested in back-end web development, for example, then the open-source Django framework, written in Python, is popular, easy to learn, and feature-rich.

Thus, despite a decline in popularity, Ruby will still be sticking around. Once you get into the development stage, you’ll eventually learn that it’s best to use an existing solution for your own projects when possible. You’d typically get this from open-sourced projects, and GitHub is the way to go for these things. Users can star projects they like, and the more stars a project has, the more useful it is likely going to be. Average salary can be affected by many things such as demand , supply and experience , so it’s a good idea to take a deeper look at these elements before jumping to any conclusions. SQL (“Sequel”), or Structured Query Language, is a query language used to communicate with databases.

What programming languages do coders use?

As you can see, even though the mobile app business has been booming for some time now, Objective-C experts are still mighty scarce. With a scarce supply of good Objective-C developers, their compensations would naturally be higher. PHP is a server-side scripting language and is usually considered beginner-friendly. It’s easy to conceptualize what the PHP code will do, which makes it easy to pick up.

what programming language should i learn 2017

Popular frameworks like React, Vue and Node.js are written in JavaScript and it’s safe to assume that if you want to be a web developer, you will need to use JavaScript eventually. If you’re a beginner programmer, you might be wondering which programming language you should learn first.


We have also taken data from different developer surveys to understand it from a developer perspective to make it meaningful. I hope this data helps you with some key programming language insights for 2022. Even though there are many programming languages, some of them are very popular among developers, companies, and recruiters worldwide.

To get started with programming, it’s important to find resources that fit your learning style. Java is a great choice if you’re interested in creating cross-platform applications. Go is a great choice if you’re interested in creating scalable applications. Kotlin is a great choice if you’re interested in creating cross-platform applications. Python is a great language to learn if you’re interested in pursuing a career in web development or data science.

Other Programming/Query Languages Worth Considering

The data comes fromgooroo.io, where salary is usually derived as the average value of the salary range offered by individual job ad. Before we go into comparing programming languages, let’s first take a look at the languages we’re going to be covering. Such rankings usually put forward “classic” programming languages. Let’s not forget all the small communities surrounding new languages.

  • If you think seriously about Android App development, then Kotlin is the programming language to learn in 2022.
  • This year, Java remains the programming language skill most in demand among employers—as it was last year—while JavaScript continues to reign atop the lists of languages most commonly used by coders.
  • Enterprises are reliant on SQL and database technologies like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server are widely in use.
  • Rust is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language sponsored by Mozilla Research.
  • Again, JavaScript turns out to be the most demanded skill, but startups seem to favor Python and Java (it was Ruby 2 years ago!) more than Ruby, PHP, C, or C#.
  • It’s actually one of the most popular all-around programming langauge which can be used to create a simple script for a complex object-oriented application.

Nearly 70 percent of survey respondents reported that they had used JavaScript in the past year. TIOBE indexes only the Turing-complete languages, hence it does not consider SQL and HTML. Per the 2016 November index, Java still remains the top programming language, C and C++ still retain their popularity on search indexes with ranks 2 and 3, respectively. Surprisingly, Visual Basic and Python got higher rankings as compared to Javascript, and Assembly language made it to top 10 as well. Beginners should start with easy-to-learn languages like JavaScript, Python, or Ruby to get their feet wet and start building applications.

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