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Security − Linux provides user security using authentication features like password protection/ controlled access to specific files/ encryption of data. The OpenSUSE project aims to be a modern and complete community project. Because it is intended for desktop users as well as enterprise development and testing, it is a perfect choice for open source developers and System administrators. There have been a lot of people who have liked the fact that Fedora is one of the most user-friendly distributions for a while now because of its simplicity and default applications which make new users able to get started right away.

A multiuser system, like Linux, means that multiple users can access the same resources, such as memory/ RAM/applications. User utilities/programs use the system libraries for accessing kernel functions to obtain low-level tasks of the system. There are some out-of-tree loadable modules that make legitimate use of the dma_buf kernel feature. However, a different possible use case would be Nvidia Optimus that pairs a fast GPU with an Intel integrated GPU, where the Nvidia GPU writes into the Intel framebuffer when it is active. But, Nvidia cannot use this infrastructure because it necessitates bypassing a rule that can only be used by LKMs that are also GPL.

Platform Drivers¶

In this case kernel space is located at the top of the address space, while user space at the bottom. In order to prevent the user processes from accessing kernel space, the kernel creates mappings that prevent access to the kernel space from user mode. In a micro-kernel architecture the kernel contains just enough code that allows for message passing between different running processes. Practically that means implement the scheduler and an IPC mechanism in the kernel, as well as basic memory management to setup the protection between applications and services. Despite the fact that the Linux kernel is the key component in the operating system, most of the components are open source.

linux architecture

A micro-kernel is one where large parts of the kernel are protected from each-other, usually running as services in user space. Because significant parts of the kernel are now running in user mode, the remaining code that runs in kernel mode is significantly smaller, hence micro-kernel term. This issue is mainly due to distribution-specific configurations and a set of patches applied to the code of the Linux kernel, differences in system libraries, services , filesystem hierarchies, and environment variables. Virtual Function I/O exposes direct device access to user space in a secure memory protected environment. With VFIO, a VM Guest can directly access hardware devices on the VM Host Server. This technique improves performance, if compared both to Full virtualization and Paravirtualization. However, with VFIO, devices cannot be shared with multiple VM guests.

Overview of the Linux kernel¶

The primary difference between window and Linux is that window is open source and free OS and its Linux distribution based on Debian, Whereas Linux is a large collection of open-source OSes that are working based on Linux kernel. We have to understand the command line interface and finding for newer software is a little bit complex as well. When we face any issue in the OS, the searching solution is very problematic. Also, there are various experts for Mac and Windows as compare to Linux. The Caldera System agreement with professional services division and SCO server software division was released in 2000.

The signed integer equalling -1 is represented as the largest number that can be stored in a given number of bits for that architecture. On a 32-bit system, -1 can be represented by the hex value 0xFFFFFFFF . On a 64-bit system, 0xFFFFFFFF translates to 4,294,967,295, base 10 while 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF is the representation for -1). You can see how this would easily scale for systems that are 8- or 16-bit as well which would equal -1 at 0xFF and 0xFFFF, respectively. Some hardware drivers are not available for Linux, which is one of the challenges faced by Linux users. Windows or Mac drivers are preferred by hardware manufacturers because they have more users as opposed to Linux. One of the most well-known Linux distributions is Canonical’s Ubuntu, which has been enjoyed by beginners, intermediate users, and professionals around the world for decades.

Advantages of Linux Architecture

Kernel provides the required abstraction to hide low level hardware details to system or application programs. SUSE Tumbleweed, on the other hand, is a rolling-release distribution that includes the latest software stacks and IDEs and is closest to a bleeding-edge distribution. The Nest Intelligence Suite is a power user’s or software developer’s dream thanks to the availability of up-to-date packages such as office applications, GCC compiler, and the kernel. The rapid growth of Telegram in recent years has resulted in its widespread popularity. It is a free and open-source instant messaging and VoIP service that allows users to share videos, photos, audio, and other files. Telegram has a lot of great features, including secret chat, voice messages, bots, telescopes for video messages, live locations, and social login.

linux architecture

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