Managing a Simple Mailing List in PHP and MySQL Developing the Subscription Mechanism

I would suspect you will also have problems sending out an email using the built-in mailer. It attempts to add all of the addresses to the BCC field. Your mail server will probably not allow 15,000 addresses in the message. If you have a paid account, you’ll need to add your domains and create DNS settings for using them.

Save this file as ch19_include.php and place it on your web server. In Listing 19.2, you will see how to include this file when necessary in your scripts. Lines 3–15 set up the first function, doDB(), which is simply the database connection function. If the connection cannot be made, the script exits when this function is called; otherwise, it makes the value of $mysqli available to other parts of your script.

PHP mail() Function

If you don’t use Yii, you’ll need to use composer to install the SDK perMailgun’s installation instructions. However, if you prefer not to use Yii, you can build on the Yiigun component used in ListApp.

Mailchimp, TinyLetter, SendPortal, Mailtrain and Sendy are some popular alternatives to phpList free email list management software. Aweber Clone – Mailing List Manager Script helps you to create aweber clone in minutes.


Now that you have a table in your database, you can create the form and script that place values in there. Join our documentation team and publish articles on the phpList blog. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning.

You can install the script in your own server and send newsletters. You can create new mailing lists by using the menu options on the right of ListApp. Each list requires a name, list email address and description. When you create a new list, ListApp uploads the list and its settings to as well. You might find Mailgun’s mailing lists provide the core functionality you need to move away from paid email services or open source list applications such as PHPList.

SDL Discussion and Mailing Lists

Hot Scripts is one of the oldest and most popular web scripts directory serving the internet for more than two decades now. Listings showcased in Hot Scripts are widely regarded as reputed. In Hot Scripts more than 40,000 listings are listed over 1200 categories. Maybe you could get your mail list program included into this. On the bright side, all the information is stored in a simple CSV file that you can easily import into another program. PhpList is designed to connect to a MySQL database.

Using this script you can send newsletter to your clients and manage the auto responsers. Gitis an extremely powerful Internet-based, collaborative source code management tool – but it can be a bit confusing to get started with. Check out theirhelp pagefor guides to common usages.

What is phpList?

This will help companies for keeping control over users data. PhpList is written in PHP and uses MySQL database to store information. The license for this open source newsletter software is AGPL . We are providing a lots of mailing list managers and marketing solutions for your website.

  • Sponsoring your listing gives significantly better visibility for your listing in Hot Scripts.
  • Typically sponsored listing receives considerably more clicks than free listings.
  • However, if you prefer not to use Yii, you can build on the Yiigun component used in ListApp.
  • You’ll need to sign up for a free Mailgun account in order to get your API keys for the settings file.
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  • Mailgun will then manage the delivery of the message to individual recipients.

PhpList open source email campaign software source code repository is available at Github. This chapter provides the first of several hands-on, small projects designed to pull together your PHP and MySQL knowledge.

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