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Whether you are just a basic user or you have plenty of experience in using computers, you will find the following10 computer hacks and tricks extremely useful. After reading this article, you will be able to impress your friends with your newly acquiredcomputer skills. That’s one of the strongest arguments for why learn computer science.

  • Companies are so desperate to hire people with computer science knowledge, and they’re often not looking for a degree, they’re just looking for people who can get the job done.
  • If you’re interested in programming and you’re passionate about technology and you enjoy building things, programming may be right for you.
  • Now you’re in a very good shape to go back and start programming again, but this time with a completely different mindset.
  • Start using it to plan and schedule your families’ appointments and activities.
  • If you are a customer service representative, for example, you might search for “customer service software.” Keep an eye out for the specific products that appear in your results.
  • Try putting together your ideas to form a working program.
  • The “soft” skills you learn when you study computer science are useful and applicable everywhere else in the job industry.
  • However, some people prefer to read books that are specific to their preferred language.

And if there’s something that you’re not sure about, or you need to do something and don’t know how, just Google it. A true computer geek knows all the basic keyboard shortcuts, such as “ctrl-C or ctrl-V”. Learn the most common shortcuts for Word, Gmail, Photoshop and other programs you use on a regular basis. After only a few months, you will be able to blow through text boxes and menus at unbelievable speeds with precision. The truth is that using the command line is not as exciting or easy as it seems like in Hollywood movies. However, learning how to use the command line might prove to be extremely helpful.

A computer can teach you almost anything

Sometimes a better way is to just let yourself learn the basics naturally. For example, I don’t recall ever looking up specifically what an IP address is, but I’ve known what it is for a pretty long time, just from normal, every day use of a computer. You’d be amazed at what you can figure out contextually with a bit of time. Computer nerds will always think out of the box, especially when it comes to finding new uses for the tools and programs they already use. Most programs can be used for more purposes, in addition to their original one. For instance, the file-syncing program, Dropbox, can be used to monitor your home computer, download torrents or even print files from afar. You can also use Gmail to find out if someone has stolen your phone.

However, this perplexity is another incentive to learn more about computers so that you can understand that all of these devices are computers. I started Afternerd.com to be a platform for educating aspiring programmers and computer scientists.

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Computer classes are easy to come by nowadays, as they are offered in practically every city. Taking a computer course, on the other hand, is not required for studying computers.

  • Today’s computer scientists are highly sought after, respected, well-paid, and happily satisfiedin their jobs.
  • Distributed systems is about creating an army of computers that work together to form a specific task .
  • The large hadron collider usescomputer science.
  • Another resource I highly recommend is the OSDev Wiki, especially if you want to learn how to create your own kernel.

But the reason to do it online is that there are a variety of options for you to choose from. Might be you’re good at document editing and writing, so it’s great if become an expert in it.

The Software Stack

And the computer/laptop will teach you everything from start to beginning. Familiarize yourself with an understanding of how computers work. Here are 5 free and easy way to improve your computer skills. An employer will be looking for computer skills on your resume, and that means you need to be able to know how to use a computer when you’re on the job. Understanding the Cloud arrow_forward_ios✓Gain a greater understanding of the cloud and how it works. Getting Started with the Internet arrow_forward_ios✓Learn how to get started with and navigate the Internet.

There are video tutorials that will show you how to build one and then installing an operating system on it and other programs. Very easy and all you have to do is follow the instructions. In many jobs, your hire-ability depends on your ability to know how to use the latest tech. With computer science, knowing the basics will give you everything you need to continue being successful in perpetuity. Yes, new frameworks or languages will crop up every now and again, but for the most part, your familiarity with Big-O algorithms and object-oriented programming will see you through.

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Learn about IP addresses and different classes of IP addresses. Then you can get two pcs and try to build a basic network with it, transfer files etc. For example, if you simply want to know what an IP address is and you look it up on Wikipedia, you’re going to be completely overwhelmed with detailed information.

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