How to Become a Web Developer in 2022 With Step-by-Step Guide

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how to become a web developer in 2020

MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases, which works perfectly with Node.js. Do you remember how many times our parents told us the same word (“mom” or “dad”) and how many times we tried to say it before we finally did it? It took some time struggling to learn our first words and sentences — then the syntax of the language. There are plenty of graphics editing programs both paid or free.

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Breaking into the ever-growing tech industry is always a good choice long-term. The primary task of a web developer is to write code, which is a set of commands and instructions written in a particular programming language. Code makes up everything in the online world, from your computer’s operating system to the backend of a website you visit. The first step to a career in web development is to learn the necessary languages, libraries, and frameworks. You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with some of the above-mentioned tools, as well as some common terminology.

how to become a web developer in 2020

Take part in one of our FREE live online web development events with industry experts. Let’s take the example of JavaScript, the language, and jQuery, a JavaScript library. Rather than writing, say, ten lines of code in JavaScript, the developer can take the condensed, prewritten version from the jQuery library—saving time and effort. Consider a document written in HTML and styled using CSS , a style sheet language. The HTML is responsible for the content and structure of the web page, while CSS determines how this content should be presented visually. CSS can be used to add colours, change fonts, insert backgrounds and borders, as well as to style forms. CSS is also used to optimize web pages for responsive design, ensuring they adapt their layout to whatever device the user is on.

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A career in web development offers many rewards, including strong demand and above-average salaries. However, professionals should research the job market and educational requirements before becoming a web developer.

What exactly is web development, and what does a web developer actually do? All of this will be answered in this guide to how to become a web developer.

The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course – BOOTCAMP 2020

But ultimately you decide whether to work for a company or as a freelancer, in the office or at home. Once established as a highly-skilled web developer, you’ll be even more in demand. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, remote work has shifted to a luxury enjoyed by few to the up-and-coming standard. With this trend, many people are shifting to careers like web development, which not only allows for remote work but earns an above-average salary. CSS-TricksWhile not a series of courses, CSS-Tricks offers high-quality articles on frontend web development. If you want to master Javascript or CSS, there’s plenty of reading material and how-to articles here.

  • For now, know that you can write functional code in many ways, and some ways are more easily understood by other developers and by your future self.
  • Today, more businesses need web development than ever before.
  • If you decide web development is for you, the next step is to start learning those essential skills, which you can do in this free coding short course designed for beginners.
  • The first step to a career in web development is to learn the necessary languages, libraries, and frameworks.
  • Registering a domain name and signing up for web hosting is the only absolutely necessary investment you need to make money online as a freelance web developer.

On Career Karma, we will help you get conditionally accepted to our partner bootcamp programs. You can start making money from coding in a matter of weeks or months. When you’re finished with the project, consider going the extra mile for your client. Surprise them with a helpful feature or a small but valuable addition they weren’t expecting. This job will earn you your first testimonial for your freelance portfolio website. Thus, as soon as you are confident in your skills, apply for your first job on Upwork.

How to Become a Web Developer From Scratch and Find a Job

Promote your services on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour, and apply for small web development projects. Keep in mind that while gaining knowledge through courses and boot camps is essential, practicing web development is how you’ll refine your skills. Many programs, especially boot camps, offer Income Share Agreements , in which the program fees will depend on the person’s salary after completing the course. However, many boot camps provide their services for a one-time payment. Make sure to check the course or boot camp’s level requirement to ease your learning process. Start with beginner-level programs until you master the basics, then proceed to the next level to deepen your skills gradually. For aspiring web developers who have the budget and time, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science is another option.

how to become a web developer in 2020

However, what many don’t is that it also has many courses that are free. Free courses are essentially the lite version—you receive much of the same content as the paid ones, just without the additional features. If you already have some programming experience, you may not have to start at fundamentals.

In order to build websites and apps, web developers work with languages, libraries, and frameworks. Let’s take a look at each of these in detail, as well as some other tools that web developers use in their day-to-day work. You’ll have noticed that, no matter what’s going on in the world around us, technology is omnipresent in our lives. Behind this technology is a team of web developers who have not only built it, but constantly maintain it to ensure it works flawlessly.

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