Getting Paid to Learn to Code? Top Ways to Earn and Learn

Exercise types include programming, code scrambles, short answers, and multiple-choice tests. Codewars is a great website for mastering coding skills. It lets users challenge themselves by solving kata – small coding exercises with varying difficulty levels. There are kata for numerous coding languages, including JavaScript. After solving the kata in their browsers, students can compare solutions with their peers. Offering thousands of bite-sized challenges to improve coding knowledge, Edabit is a website using simple game mechanics to create a fun and addictive learning experience.

After graduation, if they land a job that pays at least $40,000, Modern Labor takes 15 percent of their salary for the next two years. For example, if they find a job that pays $80,000, they’ll pay Modern Labor $24,000 over two years.

Final thoughts: How to make money coding

Part of the official Unity game engine website, Unity Learn is a learning platform providing over 700 hours of free learning content on game development. People can complete curated learning pathways or browse the many tutorials, projects, and online courses available on the site.

And thanks to the growing demand, the average salaries for web developers and most tech jobs are very lucrative. Coding contests are a great way to get paid good money with your coding skills. Most contests offer substantial cash prizes to the winners. Create courses online using different learning management systems such as Udemy and Coursera. Some of the other best freelancing platforms include FlexJobs, Freelancer and Fiverr.

. Win cash and prizes for coding competitions

With over 50 million users, Studytonight is a learning platform offering tutorials for various programming languages like PHP, C++, and Python. It provides both free and paid courses containing simple lessons with in-browser coding.

get paid to learn programming

If you want to learn to code using C#, consider the following sites. Based in Germany, Jobtensor is an innovative AI-powered job board offering vacancies in IT, science, and engineering. Besides matching jobseekers with various recruiters and companies, the website also has an Academy section providing two comprehensive tutorials on PHP and Python. Created by the University of Waterloo, Computer Science Circles is a tutorial aimed at complete newbies who want to learn Python basics for free in a semi-interactive way. The full course contains a series of instructions with exercises for learners to test their progress.

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It will help you find your why and start your journey towards becoming a professional developer the right way. If you’re a good teacher, you’ll know how to help others learn. Build an online course or offer tutorials on your website. Bluehost offers affordable high-performance hosting plans to start your own blog or website and make money online.Again, you want to plan out your blog well in advance. The last thing you want is spend days and weeks creating content that doesn’t perform well. Even if you just started learning how to code, you can share your experience with others who are just one step behind you.

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