ASP NET Basic Controls

Just add an event to the button control to display the name which was entered by the user. You can add an event handler automatically to a control in multiple ways when using Visual Web Developer.

  • Every ASP.NET control includes a property named EnableViewState.
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  • This event is raised after initializations of the page and controls have been completed.
  • ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible .NET controls, including datagrids, charts, reports, input, etc.
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  • To use IntelliSense, the above d.ts file will be required.

In ASP.NET HTML controls are not available to the web server. In classic ASP, developers have to write everything in single page.

Validation Server Controls

You can create the control dynamically by creating the object of that control’s class. This reduces the developer time from writing JavaScript for each type of validation. NET Validation Controls if any invalid data is entered the browser itself detects the error on the client-side and displays the error without requesting the server. This is another advantage because it reduces the server load. However, Web server controls do not necessarily map to any existing HTML elements and they may represent more complex elements. DevExpress controls are optimized for exceptional performance and efficient memory use without the loss of functionality or features. DevExpress ASP.NET controls also support optimizations like HTML compression, callbacks, image sprites, resource caching and sharing.


Do the same for the other Checkbox control and change it to ‘ASP.Net’. Go to the properties window by clicking on the Checkbox control. Also, change the ID properties of the respective controls to rdMale and rdFemale. Step 2) Once the Radiobutton has been added, change the ‘text’ property. Step 2) Once the Textbox has been added, you have to change the ID property.

Web Server Controls

Easily develop applications that work well on desktop, tablet, and phone devices. The controls render adaptively based on the device they’re rendering on to provide the best usage experience. The markup required to render the components has been optimized to ensure the user interface loads quickly.

HTML Controls—Enable you to convert any HTML tag into a server-side control. You can use IsPostBack property to avoid unnecessary code to execute during postback.

CSS3 Box-Sizing Overview

A Radio button is used to showcase a list of items out of which the user can choose one. ASP.NET Web server controls are ASP.NET specific objects or tags understood by the ASP.NET engine running in IIS. By default, View State is enabled for every control in ASP.NET Framework.

ASP.NETprovides a way to work with HTML Server controls on the server side; programming with a set of controls collectively is called HTML Controls. Experience the DevExpress difference and see why your peers consistently vote our products #1. With our Universal Subscription, you will build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning applications for Windows, Web and your Mobile world. The DevExpress ASP.NET controls have saved us hundreds of hours of programming time. The controls look great and provide our Enterprise business software a modern look and feel.

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Figure 1.7 Adding an event handler from the Properties window. The HTML controls are included in ASP.NET Framework to make it easier to convert existing HTML pages to use ASP.NET Framework.

  • Change the ID properties of the respective controls to ‘chkC’ and ‘chkASP’.
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  • When you click the picture, the X and Y coordinates of the spot you clicked display in a Label control (see Figure 1.9).
  • When a user request a web page, then web server process the page by executing different events.

Code writing is the basic and most widely used way to add MVC controls to your application. Like ASP.NET MVC in-built controls, ComponentOne also supports writing code using tag helper. First, you will need to add the tag helper for C1.AspNetCore.Mvc package in _ViewImports.cshtml file.

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