A Complete Learning Path to Becoming a Backend Developer 2022 Updated Boot dev

We haven’t really gotten to the meat of backend development yet, but that’s okay! We’re setting the stage and laying a great foundation so that once you get to the later steps you won’t be lost and confused.

The first one is creating and managing servers using large infrastructure providers—the second is hosting the application in backend as a service platform. Although Solidity looks very easy for learners but according to experts, it is challenging for new learners. If you are willing to develop blockchain or contract applications, you should choose this impressive back-end programming.

Ruby Features

I would recommend becoming familiar with a SQL database first, probably PostgresQL. After that, get familiar with some of the NoSQL options, but I don’t think you need to be an expert on all them. I’d recommend just being familiar with them from a high level so that in interviews you’re able to hold your own. Follow these steps in order – there are plenty of places you can learn back-end online effectively, some of the resources are paid, some are free. If you want to learn Flask from scratch and need a resource then you can also check out REST APIs with Flask and Python course on Udemy.

  • Now that you’ve gotten an introduction into what is backend development, it is important to also understand what the role is all about.
  • In NYC, starting salary is about $78k with an approximate range to $115k.
  • PHP code is interpreted line by line, which saves time of compilation, and all lines are being executed one by one & display the results.
  • Secure— Java is considered a very secure programming language.
  • From sharing pictures with your loved ones to ordering food, to making bank transactions, applications are used all the time.
  • It is a beginner-friendly framework that has a user-friendly interface, extensive library, and brilliant API support.

But if you’re a Python or Java developer, you might find those easy to pick up. When people learn by themselves, they usually do not have a team or anyone who can do front end development. So you’ll often have to create webpages and servers all by yourself, at least in the beginning. One must have knowledge about some popular Databases like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. He/She should also be proficient in relational and non-relational databases . ServersEvery web application that you see today runs on a remote PC called a server. API is a set of rules and definitions that allow different clients, software, or services to communicate with each other over the internet.

Frontend and backend

It helps in saving memory & improves coding practice, and reduces lines of codes as well. Frontend and backend development are quite different from each other, but still, they are two aspects of the same situation. The front-end is what users see and interact with and the backend is how everything works. By doing this, you’re enabling an architecture that can be highly scaled. A database-operation intensive application could have an optimized solution for databases. And a heavy traffic bound site should have a good CDN mechanism to offload static assets, and so on. Today, a lot of cloud providers offer a decent free trial, too, so that you can actually try out their platform before going full in.

It also has extensions that help in developing Java applications quickly and easily. But you’re gonna need databases for pretty much any application which involves some sort of data persistence generated by the user.

Web Hosting Platforms

In telecommunication, the front can be considered a device or service, while the back is the infrastructure that supports provision of service. String & Hash Types— Solidity allows the programmers to convert the string into hashes and vice versa.

For even more places to learn JavaScript, see my roundup of the best JavaScript courses. It’s more forgiving of errors, which means that you’re able to compile and run a program until you reach a problematic part. Backend programming can either be object-oriented or functional.

Fiber Framework for Golang Developers

There are multiple versions of Python, and the code written in one version might cause some errors in other versions, especially when using libraries. Indeed, with PHP, there is no need for compilation before executing the code. PHP code is interpreted line by line, which saves time of compilation, and all lines are being executed one by one & display the results. Platform independence— PHP is a platform-independent language. It means PHP can work for all operating systems and platforms. FP backs parallel, immutable data and doesn’t have any side effects. So, FP is the answer if you want to improve productivity & modularity and to sort out scripting issues in the simplest ways.

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