13 Freelance Developer Portfolios to Inspire You

If your design portfolio meets the SEO requirements, so that you’ll appear in those search results, you’re in good shape for landing that gig. Portfolios that are overly generic suggest that as a design professional, there is no real specialty or niche, nor a clear message in the designer’s work. Alternatively, many companies are open to hiring remote-based designers, so if you’re open to working remotely, it’s helpful to specify that as well. Be sure to include the services you provide, although this section can also appear on your About page . It’s important that website visitors understand exactly what you specialize in and if what you can offer is relevant to what they might need.

They often know nothing about the tools or technical solutions you use. I’ve always known a lot of self-employed freelancers in service-based businesses already before I became a web developer. They work in graphic design, photography, coaching, personal training, etc.

Summary: How to create your freelance web developer portfolio

Try out different types of projects and find the tools and projects you love the most. If you’re new to coding and web development, you may be thinking whether freelancing is the right choice for you. Not only to run our own freelance web design business, but also to think like a prospective client.

freelance web designer portfolio

For example, I prefer working with small and medium-sized businesses. They can’t always afford a $20,000 custom-built web application. UpWork is one of the biggest, most popular freelancing platforms out there. I used it for my first jobs and I can fully recommend trying it out. When you know what your clients need, you should think about what tools you want to use to help them out.

What you must include in your portfolio

Now, I see a lot of freelance portfolio websites where people simply list the tools and programming languages they know. Quite often, front-end web developers write about their skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, for example. For instance, explaining the process behind a project could come a long way. Showcase not only a finished product but also the way you solve real problems. This will help clients appreciate the time and effort invested behind the scenes and get to know you as a web designer. Explain your role in the project and mention the techniques and technologies used to demonstrate the value of your work. A portfolio is a very important link between a designer and a client.

  • For a full step-by-step tutorial, check out my post on how to create a portfolio website on WordPress.
  • So, it’s always a good practice to include an about page where you communicate important information about yourself, your work, your experience, your approach, skills, and completed courses.
  • So you’re thinking of building your portfolio site as a freelance web developer.
  • Scrolling down reveals several projects that Geoff has worked on in the past.
  • This is such a fun example of a portfolio website by The Papestielliz.

I love to use the smart and easy tips from this usability guide to make sure my visitors find what they’re looking for. But again, you’re free to host your freelance portfolio website with any provider you choose. When a potential client visits your freelance portfolio website, the files are downloaded and delivered from a web server and then displayed in their web browser. If you want to build custom websites from scratch, you simply need to find the clientele who’s willing to pay for that.

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