10 Awesome Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels for Kids Interested in Coding

Yudasina then moved to Silicon Valley and interned at Yelp and Airbnb. Jesse is passionate about teaching aspiring artists to follow their passions and use their creative skills to solve real-world problems. Mayuko takes pride in helping people from underrepresented minorities like her, enter into the tech industry. Clément Mihailescu has been a software developer for five years. “Always be looking to learn more and look for better ways of doing something that you’ve already done. You can always improve and learn new things.” From your first creative program through to complex computer vision setup Programming for People helps you create the devices you want. Lessons cover various related languages like CSS, HTML, and other relevant topics.

In rare circumstances it is possible for a video to have a high click through rate and high average view duration and still not be recommended very much. This happens when the algorithm can’t figure out where to recommend the video. Maybe the only places the algorithm finds to promote your video are on unpopular videos. Have you already written code that you could use for a tutorial video? Your past software projects can be inspiration for videos to create. This type of channel can sometimes get more views than tutorial channels and often focuses on the personality of the creator. With the world moving at such a breakneck pace, BrightChamps recognized the need to introduce key life/future skills to children to keep them ahead of the game.

What the algorithm DOESN’T care about

It is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development, as it has detailed videos on every other framework and has thousands of daily visitors. It can be complex at first whilst learning the basics, but over time you will grow more comfortable. There are many free online tutorials, online courses, and affordable coding bootcamp programs to grow your programming knowledge. You can also follow YouTube channels such as those of Brad Traversy , Scott Tolinski, Stefan Mischook, Jesse Showalter, Jesse Weigel, and Chris Jereza. YouTube is a major tool, with dedicated developers on the platform sharing coding tutorials for beginners, software engineering résumé tips, and advice on staying motivated. Whether you’re preparing for your first technical interview or finally getting started on that back-burner coding project, there’s a YouTuber for that.

  • Hence, through his channel he wanted to help people who were going through the same process as him and wanted to make it easier for them.
  • Editing is especially important for informational and software entertainment videos.
  • Feedspot has a team of over 50 experts whose goal is to discover and rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories.
  • However, if not many users click to watch and they don’t watch very long, the algorithm will quickly stop recommending the video.
  • This type of channel has informational videos about software development.
  • He seems to understand exactly what self-taught programmers need to know.

Kyle Cook started his YouTube channel “Web Dev Simplified” with the goal to simplify the overly complex information online into simple to understand language. After over 100 videos and 1.5 years of work, he has helped hundreds of thousands of developers in finding jobs, fixing bugs, and feeling more confident in their programming journey. This box of chocolate never ceases to amaze the viewers with witty and educational content. From interview question tips to interview rejections, Joma unveils the raw realities of a software engineers life through his channel. “I decided that I wanted to share my life as a software engineer and encourage others who might lack confidence like I did,” Bello told Insider. “Anyone can learn to code, and I use my platform to raise awareness, be that representation, and show software engineering through my lens.”

Keep Your Apps Secure on Cloud

Founded by Gary, Design Course is a well-known YouTube channel for learning the latest happenings in the UI/UX world. It has dozens of videos on frontend development, providing detailed tech knowledge to learn the latest methodologies of web and graphic designing.

How do I start coding?

  1. Figure out why you want to learn to code.
  2. Choose which coding language you want to learn first.
  3. Take online courses.
  4. Watch video tutorials.
  5. Read books and ebooks.
  6. Use tools that make learning to code easier.
  7. Check out how other people code.
  8. Complete coding projects.

It is possible to remove constant humming and reverb using editing software or plugins. Consider what other consistent things you want to add to your videos to set them apart. Many people do not use intros but it may help with personal branding. This channel is primarily concerned with incorporating coding into high school physics, chemistry, and math. This YouTube channel, which was launched in 2017, is the home of Ohio State University’s STEMcoding project. LearnCode.Academy is a YouTube channel dedicated to web development.

Learncode.academy is a coding one-stop-shop for education

She has worked in the tech industry since 2012 as a Senior iOS Software Engineer, at companies like Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix. Get the latest tech news & scoops — delivered daily to your inbox. Menu icon A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Email us the type of bloggers you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at We’ll share blogger’s data in an Excel or CSV format. Semicolon&Sons screencasts are aimed at programmer/entreprenuers who are building and marketing their own businesses.

  • Hour of Code is a site that teaches you how to code in a fun and engaging way.
  • John Sonmez, Pluralsight Author, blogger and podcast host, gives you some career advice, programming tips and whatever else is on his mind.
  • It is essential for programming websites, web applications, and other computer technologies.
  • His early videos focus on foundational languages and coding skills, like HTML, CSS, and SQL.
  • He left his software engineering job to focus on YouTube and spent a lot of time studying machine learning.
  • This former Google and Facebook software engineer is from New York and is passionate about entrepreneurship and software engineering.
  • Another way to figure out what people are searching for is Google Trends.
  • However, not all of these programming channels are created equal.

Shiffman engages his audience with livestreams and by collaborating with expert guests. He also encourages viewers to play along with coding challenges, like “Estimating Pi From Random Numbers With Euclid’s Algorithm” and “Times Table Cardioid Visualization.” Topics vary, although freeCodeCamp is typically true to its name and sticks with coding.

DevTips is another awesome coding-related YouTube channel

Here are the best YouTube channels to learn coding for people who want to learn independently. You’ll find tutorials, mini-projects, and some miscellaneous content . Dev Tips has been around for a while but was recently taken over by David and MPJ.

So, to that end, here are some fantastic YouTube channels to teach yourself the basics of programming languages. These are the best YouTube channels to learn to program, as they contain thousands of video tutorials covering a range of topics related to backend/frontend development. If you are starting to learn web development as a beginner, you should check out for JREAM on YouTube, as the channel is stacked up with dozens of development tutorials and few Adobe videos.

It has tons of frontend development videos made up in large chunks, explaining all the core scripting topics in detail. Viewers can learn about foundational coding skills and languages like HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript as well as front-end frameworks like React. Traversy also invites guest creators who help teach other specialized skills like “UI Design for Coders” and “Building Minesweeper With JavaScript.” Run by U.K.-based Shaun Pelling, The Net Ninja is a YouTube channel with tutorials on foundational, intermediate, and advanced programming skills. Tolinski continues to run the channel on his own, publishing accessible and user-friendly tutorials with high production value. LevelUpTuts offers over 1,000 free videos on various (and sometimes ultra-specific)topics — for example, “How I Make 4k Video Intros Without After Effects.” In addition to the many potential jobs on the market, computer programming lends itself to flexible work schedules with freelance opportunities and remote work arrangements.

  • In rare circumstances it is possible for a video to have a high click through rate and high average view duration and still not be recommended very much.
  • He also offers tutorials on Adobe illustrators and other aspects of UX design.
  • Then, transcribe all your dialog and make minor edits in the transcription to improve the flow.
  • This tutorial playlist from the channel DevTips consists of four videos that will teach you jQuery.
  • Whether you’re preparing for your first technical interview or finally getting started on that back-burner coding project, there’s a YouTuber for that.
  • Ricky Garcia is originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho and currently lives in Salt Lake.

Coding is the process of using programming to give computers instructions. It is essential for programming websites, web applications, and other computer technologies. It involves using different coding programs like Python and SQL and requires problem-solving and attention to detail.

The channel also uploads videos tangential to coding, like “How To Find Freelance Jobs” and “College Algebra – Full Course.” Stefan Mischook, who has a more “philosophical” content about tech and coding. On Traversy media, Brad Traversy gives crash courses on the web technologies you need to know in 2019 , and they are efficient.

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