How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Guide: Launch Your Coin or Token

Generally, any blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin is referred to as an altcoin (more on those below). Alternatively, you can also create a cryptocurrency on an existing blockchain. If you want to create a cryptocurrency to support another project of yours, then making a token can be a good option.

According to this principle, the more coins a user has, the higher his chance of receiving a reward for a new block. In addition, in the case of PoS, there is no need to buy expensive mining equipment. Before starting development, define the functions of the asset.

Binance Coin (BNB)

The costs and knowledge also vary based on the complexity of your project. If you’re thinking about creating your own cryptocurrency, our article lays out the very basics for you to get started. Creating a token requires less expertise and effort than making a crypto coin.

Therefore, the only requirements for creating a new cryptocurrency are know-how, an investment of time, and a desire to create something that people will want to own and use. With steps 1 to 3 behind you, you should really understand what you’re trying to build inside out by now. It’s time to put all this information together in your own manifesto. Research successful launches by other chains and figure out what they did right and wrong. Compare their post-launch results with their tokenomics and network emissions. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are popular choices, but there are many other options to consider.

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Make sure the platform can be trusted and is capable enough, in order to avoid malicious code and scams. Alternatively, hire a blockchain developer with good ratings on a crowdsourcing freelancer site if you can afford it. If you are simply curious about crypto, then there’s likely no harm in creating your own token.

With the right support and promotion, even memecoins can garner real value (again, think of Dogecoin). Cryptocurrency creation is a multifaceted process that involves mining, pre-mining, smart contracts, forks, and token sales. Each cryptocurrency has its unique origin story and technology, but they all share the common goal of providing a digital alternative to traditional currencies. The costs involved are linked to the methods and setup you choose.

Reasons for starting a cryptocurrency

You can do this by giving away a certain amount of new crypto coins to early adopters or by running promotional campaigns. This is how your cryptocurrency will reach a consensus on the state of the blockchain. As far as blockchain architecture, the one you choose will depend on the goals of your project and the resources you have available. To change protocol, you need to have access to the code, though.

Tether is the world’s largest stablecoin; in 2022, the majority of cryptocurrencies traded using tether. Finally, note that, in the list below, the name of the blockchain platform may be different from its digital currency. Below is a list of the 20 biggest cryptocurrencies arranged by market capitalization (market cap) — highest first — according to CoinMarketCap on Jun 25, 2022. Bitcoin (BTC) is the clear leader in the cryptocurrency sector, with a market capitalization of $407,387,696,36, followed by Ethereum (ETH), at $149,402,716,985. Tokens can be used as part of a software application — such as granting access to an app, verifying identity, or tracking products moving through a supply chain. They can also represent digital art — as with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What is cryptocurrency?

Learn more about the process of creating tokens in the article “How to create a token”. Usually creating a new coin or token requires some computer coding expertise, but you also can choose to hire a blockchain developer to create a digital currency for you. Launching a token on an existing blockchain platform like Ethereum can be accomplished with relatively little technical expertise. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based platform that creates and shares business, financial services, and entertainment applications. Ethereum Blockchain is specifically designed for smart contracts and the creation of decentralized applications (DApps). Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency created in 2011 as one of the first altcoins (alternatives to bitcoin).

  • You don’t have any say in the future development of the blockchain, and you may have to pay specific fees to complete transactions (like Gas in Ethereum).
  • However, your success depends on your marketing strategy and the value proposition.
  • Dogecoin has been used primarily as a tipping system on Reddit and Twitter to reward the creation or sharing of quality content.
  • You can also incorporate multiple APIs for different programming needs such as tracking the price of your cryptocurrency or pulling publically available information off its blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrencies rely on blockchains for their security and decentralized nature.
  • Unless you’ve been avoiding the news completely in recent months, you’ve probably heard about the wild ride that is the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, they are decentralized, which means they are not subject to government or financial institution control. Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system implemented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Transactions are verified by network nodes using cryptography and recorded on a publicly distributed ledger called a blockchain. Another issue is maintaining and promoting the coin since building your blockchain logic to launch it is necessary. Hiring experts will save time, but you must pay for software development.

Benefits of building your Own Cryptocurrency:

Dogecoin has been used primarily as a tipping system on Reddit and Twitter to reward the creation or sharing of quality content. You can get tipped Dogecoin by participating in a community that uses the digital currency, or you can get your Dogecoin from a Dogecoin faucet. A Dogecoin faucet is a website that will give you a small amount of Dogecoin for free as an introduction to the currency, so that you can begin interacting in Dogecoin communities. Dogecoin is an altcoin similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum in that it runs on a blockchain network using a PoW system.

This reward system intends to offer users the incentive to expend different coins on the network. The cap on the number of coins has also given the price somewhere to go, if demand should how to create my own cryptocurrency rise. Dai (DAI) is one of two native cryptocurrencies of the Maker Protocol, an open-source software application maintained by the Maker distributed autonomous organization (MakerDAO).

Step 1: Research the Use Cases

For the initial stage, it can take from 1 to 6 months to create a cryptocurrency. You can employ and commission dedicated development companies (known as blockchain as a Service – BaaS) to build a blockchain for you. The great advantage is that you will be autonomous and may bring significant innovations to Blockchain technology. On the other hand, starting from scratch is the costliest option. Developing your blockchain using existing, already-proven code is a big plus. But the least complicated part is creating your fork out of a consecrated blockchain.

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