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So, whenever you buy Nxt with a credit card, you are actually purchasing an altcoin, and not a token. Since the cryptocurrency phenomena is gaining momentum and its fanbase is growing rapidly, it’s no wonder that more & more retailers are integrating crypto as a payment method. So, if you choose to buy Nxt with a debit or credit card, keep in mind that you can now spend it with a lot of online stores and vendors. The biggest pros of paying with crypto are simplicity of the transactions & high levels of anonymity. Before you invest in NXT or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, we suggest that you compare the cost of trading NXT coins. There are different types of fees that you will have to pay including network charges, transaction fees, deposit and withdrawal charges, and more.

If you buy Nxt from another person, your transaction will be private and anonymous, which means nobody will possess your personal information. This is one of the main benefits that cryptocurrency brings to the table. There are no middlemen involved, so you can be as discreet as you would like to be. Whether it’s seeking independence of your assets, exiting the governmental economy, or wanting to invest in this very promising phenomenon, purchasing Nxt is taking a step into the future. All you need to do is click the “Buy Now” button below & you will be safely taken to the check-out page.

That’s the expected hardware wallet market value by the year 2025. One of the reasons why hardware wallets are popular among crypto enthusiasts is the Pin encryption, meaning that only you know your private keys. If there are multiple forced attempts to enter the Pin code incorrectly, usually the hardware wallet self-destructs. By doing so, all the private & public keys on your device are erased to protect your funds.

Buying Nxt with credit card instantly is the most simple and effective way to purchase new generation alternative assets. The primary objective of the Nxt network is to provide decentralised services and features. Becoming a major payment network isn’t the end goal of the blockchain.

Once your funds are deposited into your account, you can make your first purchase. Cryptocurrency is provided by the online exchange services and MoonPay integrates with them to fulfill the credit card payment process. Hence, MoonPay is responsible for risk analysis, processing payments with the credit card company, and finalizing the transaction.


If you use the widget above to buy NXT, Simplex will be the default provider. There are some rules you have to follow to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies risk-free and without any p2p negotiations. These rules ensure that you will get NXT online as fast as possible. Go to the checkout & fill in your billing details – make sure it’s done correctly. Nxt is controlled by people who have invested in the project and own NXT coins.

Some other key security features of the blockchain include encrypted public and private keys, peer-to-peer networking, and decentralisation. What it means for the project is that no single individual or organisation has undue influence over the cryptocurrency or its blockchain. All the decisions concerning the project are made through a democratic process. There are several crypto wallets to choose from within the BNB Chain network and TrustWallet appears to be the most integrated. If you are using a desktop computer, you can download Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension. If you prefer using your mobile phone, you can download the wallet via Google Play or iOS App Store if it’s available.

For Simplex, the limits are $20000 per day and $50000 per month including fees. If you buy cryptocurrency via the widget above, your payment provider will be Simplex. If you buy crypto in the web wallet or mobile multicurrency wallet , you can choose between Simplex and Moonpay. If you are using the dedicated NXT wallet, the default provider will be Simplex. Once you buy Nxt with a credit card, the most common thing to do is trade your Nxt on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Select your BNB Chain as the payment and select the Next Token as the coin you want to acquire. Connect your TrustWallet wallet to the DEX you want to use by using your wallet address from Step 2. You can make a purchase in just a few clicks so you can take advantage of market moves as soon as they occur.

Will you need to set up your own wallet?

A total 1,000,000,000 coins were created and they were proportionately distributed among the 73 donors. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all – the “flagship” of the cryptocurrency industry. It is undoubtedly the best-known crypto on the planet – even if you were to buy NXT, you probably know perfectly well what Bitcoin is! Another thing you can do after you buy Nxt is send it to your peers or basically to anyone who has a Nxt address.

One of the most popular ways of selling your crypto is exchanging it for gift cards & discounts of various vendors. You can also sell your NXT & get cash directly to your door, or receive your chosen currency to your bank account. Whichever method you choose, be sure you’re using reputable vendors. That being said, if you are sure about purchasing NXT tokens anonymously through a particular broker, make sure that you know everything there is to know about the platform. Keep in mind that anonymous transactions cannot be traced so if you lose your assets, there’s no way of getting them back.

Buy NXT with a credit card on Freewallet: Crypto wallet or NXT wallet

If you are using the widget, you’ll need to enter your wallet address yourself. Also, if you are using the widget, your default payment provider will automatically be Simplex. When implementing the function of buying NXT, we use the services of payment providers. Depending on the provider, some of the steps in the buying process may differ.

If you want to be fully immersed in the crypto world, buying Nxt is not enough. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, exchanges, crypto wallets and other crypto-related products or services that you might want to learn about, but there’s simply not enough time. Luckily, here you’ll be able to find all the expert-gathered information needed for your successful crypto journey, everything in one place. If you don’t want to use conventional money to purchase NXT tokens, you can use other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to do so. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies to buy NXT include ETH, ADA, BTC, XRP, and more.


Just make sure that you are downloading the official Chrome extension and mobile app by visiting the TrustWallet’s website. Binance is constantly reviewing and adding cryptocurrencies that can be used on the Binance platform. If you would like to buy Next Token, which is currently not listed on Binance, you can follow the step-by-step guide below.

You can instantly transfer NXT and other cryptocurrencies into your Cointree account. For Moonpay, purchase limits depend on the level of account verification. There are 3 possible levels of account verification, which require different sets of documents. You can read more about purchase limits and verification levels for Moonpay here. You find 25 coins in the wallet and about 30 tokens for instant swap in your wallet. If you prefer to buy NXT in the wallet, via web version or mobile multicurrency wallet / Crypto wallet version, you can choose between Simplex and Moonpay.

Current NXT price and historical price chart

For Moonpay, the limits depend on the account level, which is issued in accordance with the degree of account verification. You can find more information on account levels and their respective limits here. Hence, if you are using the web wallet or mobile multicurrency wallet and have chosen Moonpay as your payment provider, the purchase limits will depend on your account level. Altcoins are the various different cryptocurrencies that you will find on the cryptocurrency market . Each of these crypto coins are going to have their own, unique blockchain, and a specific, designated use. As opposed to that, tokens are crypto assets that belong to a specific blockchain, and can be used for crowdfunding and ICO launch-related projects.

No account creation is needed to finish the cryptocurrency purchase. Complete a few simple verification steps & get your crypto safely, quickly, and without hassle. Nxt is a blockchain that defines itself as the first pure PoS blockchain. PoS doesn’t require as much computational power as PoW, which should be considered when analyzing the Nxt price. NXT token is Nxt’s native asset and is required for transactions in Nxt’s ecosystem.

We may receive financial compensation from these third parties. Notwithstanding any such relationship, no responsibility is accepted for the conduct of any third party nor the content or functionality of their websites or applications. A hyperlink to or positive reference to or review of a broker or exchange should not be understood to be an endorsement of that broker or exchange’s products or services.

It will sHow you How to buy Next Token by connecting your crypto wallet to a decentralized exchange using your Binance account to buy the base currency. We support all major credit and debit cards , as well as some pre-paid and virtual. Please note that in certain cases a bank may decline a transfer due to internal rules. With the Freewallet platform you can get NXT easily and safely. We support VISA, MasterCard and all major credit and debit cards, as well as some pre-paid and virtual.

Our website and marketing collateral use reference rates as an indicator only and should not be used for decision making. Content may not always be entirely accurate, complete or current. See How to buy Nxt currency, How to deposit funds from your bank account, and How to store your coins. MoonPay is a fin-tech company that powers fiat-to-crypto payments in a seamless way. Its global network of exchanges, wallets, partners, and decentralized apps allows serving hundreds of thousands of users across the globe.

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