How to buy gems: Making Money Investing in Gems: The Top 5 Rules


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All of these examples are legitimate reasons for purchasing loose gemstones. In certain colored gemstones color occurs naturally. Satisfying hues are intrinsic in some garnets, for example.

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The 4Cs of diamond buying—carat, color, clarity, and cut—can be used for many gemstones as well. While gemstones have similar quality factors as diamonds , they are valued differently for gemstones. For example, color is by far the most important C for colored gemstones, whereas cut is usually considered the most important C for diamonds.

Taking a stone from rough to cut is one of the most direct means of adding value to your gems. Most gem dealers purchase quantities of great material and have it available. They have good relationships with retailers , who call them when they need something.


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There are American Gem Society jewelers throughout the country who can help you find the perfect piece. Color seems like an easy characteristic to understand. However, the color of a specific gemstone can offer specific details (like whether or not it has been heat-treated) and affect the price.

This will provide the best safeguard for your purchase. These gems, which are less rare, can also be very valuable. Some jewelers make synthetic colored gemstones available. The jewelry industry also measures colored gemstones by dimensions in millimeters in addition to carat weight. Millimeter size is taken into consideration when matching colored gemstones for a ring, earrings or other types of jewelry. Whether you’re buying gemstone jewelry for yourself or a loved one, there are a few things you should keep in mind while shopping.

Gemstone Size

This means you should assume that a bad deal today will be a bad deal in 3 weeks or 3 years when you eventually sell. In any event, I knew this was a good buy for a larger spinel, even though the color wasn’t ideal. So, since he assured me it was eye-clean (with no eye-visible imperfections), I picked it up.

These are rated either as those you can only see with a magnifier of varying degrees all the way to those that you can easily see with the naked eye. The fewer inclusions, the closer to perfection the stone and the higher the price. Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented here are based on third party sources. They are presented to you on an “as is” basis and for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind. Links provided to third-party sites are also not under Binance’s control.

Guide to Buying Loose Gemstones Like a Pro

Rough gems, mineral specimens, and finished jewelry all hold investment potential. However, each of these represents a specialized area of expertise, so focus your attention on the one that interests you most. Wholesale loose gemstones present you with another purchasing option. Some businesses and websites require you to be a reseller with a Tax ID, while others sell to the general public. You need to read the fine print on any wholesale business so you fully understand what you’re purchasing. If the gemstones have been treated, then you want to know what type of treatment was used.

In some cases, recutting and repairing gemstones can improve your profit potential. Polishing, jewelry setting, and marketing can also make your gemstones more appealing to your prospective buyers. Paying the right price is the single largest determining factor in whether you’ll generate a good return on investment. As with any investment, this requires that you be knowledgeable and exercise a good deal of caution and common sense.

Rule #1: Control Your Cost Basis

Similarly, some gemstones are enhanced or treated. Most gemstones are rare, but some are rarer than others. Learn How gemstone rarity and ease of replacement can affect… You might assume high-end gems and jewelry make good investments, but that’s not necessarily the case. Gems of lesser value often appreciate more and are easier to liquidate. Many well-informed investors choose low to moderately priced gems.

However, the quality of the gemstone, including its color, clarity, and cut, also play a significant role in its overall value. Some jewelers offer loose colored gemstones and will help you create a personalized mounting. Discuss How you see yourself wearing the piece so that your jeweler can help you select mountings consistent with your lifestyle.

A gem’s color becomes less pure as it becomes less saturated, adding a gray or brown hue. Therefore, the most desirable gem varieties are those that exhibit strong saturation and consistent color throughout.

How a gemstone has been cut will affect its value. Precise cuts can bring out more sparkle in a diamond. In this case, comparing shapes—such as round, drop, and baroque—will inform you of a pearl’s quality. You will also want to keep in mind the differences between natural, lab-created, and imitation gemstones.

As you can see, you have many choices when it comes to loose gemstones for sale. The key is to take your time and explore all of your options. Do some price shopping before making your final selections. There are many places where you can purchase loose gemstones. Several television jewelry channels feature loose gemstones, with some dedicated to only loose gemstone sales. You can also visit various websites or you may prefer in-person purchases at gemstone conventions and sHows.

Rule #2 still applies, because Rule #2 has to do with having too high a cost basis to begin with. However, if you followed Rule #1 and have an appropriately low cost basis, then hanging on to inventory makes sense and can help you maximize profits. Remember, lacking the means to predict the future value of a gem, Rule #1 always applies. Here’s an example of How some knowledge of gemology led to a good investment. Saturation is the intensity or purity of a color.

Currently, you can find some good sources, both primary and secondary dealers, on the Internet. Most cities will have some gem wholesalers, and trade magazines carry listings for them, too. If you’re knowledgeable enough, you can shop for preowned gems at flea markets, pawnshops, and estate sales.

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