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It aims to compete with these platforms by providing a better experience for both users and musicians. The platform is already somewhat successful with EDM fans and up-and-coming hip-hop artists. The top artists on Audius include the illustrious rap producer Kenny Beats, Skrillex and MadeinTYO. Many large streaming platforms have been accused of paying musicians far less than they deserve.


The CEX.IO Wallet does not only store your tokens for you, but it also allows you to monitor and manage your portfolio. Experienced crypto enthusiasts who want more control over their trading may consider the trade orders option. Mobile app users may benefit from the Exchange feature. These two options allow you to exchange crypto for fiat and crypto for cryptocurrencies. Finding a reliable cryptocurrency exchange is essential, because you don’t want your data to be compromised. Not to mention that you’re also risking your funds, so you should do adequate research before choosing an exchange.

Binance is one of the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Kraken has continued to evolve its platform, and its commitment to the industry by being one of the first exchanges to offer buying opportunities on new tokens. You can easily buy Audius with the lowest fees and highest security anywhere Binance is available.

Staking crypto with CEX.IO enables you to earn up to 23% interest. The staking process is simple and requires you to do very little. Simply choose one of the 14 designated tokens or coins, buy or deposit them, and hold them in your balance. Please note that limit orders aren’t placed immediately. The reason for this is the crypto you would like to trade may take time to reach the price you set.

Binance: Where The World Trades Audius (AUDIO)

It is available as a browser extension and a mobile application on Android and iOS. Established in 2013,Huobi Globalhas since become one of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges, with an accumulated trading volume of US $1 trillion. Having once accounted for half of the world’s digital asset transactions, Huobi now serves more than 5 million users in over 130 countries around the globe. It should be noted that Huobi Global currentlydoes not accept USA or Canadian residents.

There are multiple options for third-party payment channels. Please, visit the Binance FAQ to check which ones are available in your region. Your Binance account acts as a gateway into buying crypto.

Step 3: Use a credit or debit card to buy Audius

The global nature of the company and the trusted regulation and licensing put in place is also a positive aspect for many new or experienced users. The process of sending Bitcoin varies by exchange, but the guide you used to buy Bitcoin will also explain How to send it. This review process usually takes under two minutes but may take up to two hours.

trading platform

Uphold offers both a desktop and mobile app trading experience that is extremely intuitive. The trading view is completely customizable with the assets that you trade the most, and is very easy to navigate while providing a modern feel on both desktop and mobile. It is a very popular and suitable choice, particularly for new traders. The price of Audius, like most altcoins, experiences relatively large price swings.

You may be told that your account is under review to assess if you are eligible to purchase cryptocurrencies using a credit card or debit card. Making music and running a node to contribute to the platform aren’t the only ways to earn Audius. Occasionally the platform airdrops some tokens to artists and fans who engage with the protocol the most. Artists can be rewarded with the token if they achieve one of a few goals like their song reaching the Top 5 Trending list on the platform.

Step 2: Verify your Binance account

Now that you bought your crypto, you can store it in your personal crypto wallet or simply hold it in your Binance account. You can also trade for other crypto or stake it on Binance Earn for passive income. If you would like to trade your Audius to a decentralized exchange you may want to check Trust Wallet which supports millions of assets and blockchains. First, if you sent them to a personal wallet or into the Audius platform, transfer them to the exchange account you bought them on.

Using a VPN while signing up to and using Binance international

You should consider whether you fully understand them and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. The content of Coin Insider does not constitute any type of investment advice. Need the best Audius exchange to buy/sell/trade AUDIO? Here’s our list of Audius exchanges, ranked by liquidity and number of AUDIO markets.

Audius is a relatively popular altcoin and it’s available on quite a few cryptocurrency trading platforms. Some of the best exchanges that offer AUDIO are Gemini and Investors in the United States, where is unavailable, should use Gemini. Before you can start trading on either of these platforms and nearly every other major exchange, you will need to verify your identity.

Now that you have learned How to buy Audius coin, you should think about where to store it. Whenever you purchase crypto, unless you plan to sell it soon afterward, you might think about the safety of your coins. Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented here are based on third party sources.


If you’re on a mobile phone, you can click the supplied link to continue verification on your phone. You will be given some options on How to get started. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. The Metamask wallet window will pop up and ask you to accept the transaction. After following the prompts, you should now have AUDIO.

If you prefer having more control over your trades, you can opt for the limit order. This option allows you to set the price at which you’d like to purchase AUDIO. As soon as the token reaches your preferred price, your order will be executed. Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the most trusted names in the cryptocurrency industry with over 9,000,000 users, and over $207 billion in quarterly trading volume. Compare Crypto Exchanges – We list the top cryptocurrency exchanges that offer the ability to buy Audius cryptocurrency.

Again, you may have to wait a few minutes for it to arrive. The testnet version of the program was opened to the public and attracted more than 500,000 users per month. In October 2020, the mainnet Audius platform finally launched along with the Audius token. The project has already attracted a large number of investors to raise millions of dollars to help build and improve the protocol. Some of these investors include Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs and Pantera Capital.

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