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The Katana sword has a distinctive appearance with a curved single-edged blade with either a circular or square guard . It has a long grip that allows to hold the sword with both hands. When you customize your Katana blade remember that different steel allows for different options of Hamon, polishing and blade coloring.

Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may sHow up in recommendations and other places. Very impressive, the sword was perfect and delivered as what ive ordered. I’m very grateful to the smiths and saya crafters. That is How highly revered this Samurai sword is, especially to those that admire the technical excellence and other qualities that makes the Katana sword so special. This highly valued blade will essentially live longer then you if properly treated and maintained. The blade colors available depends on the type of steel you have chosen.

Ninja swords were efficient in their owner’s skilled hands. For your convenience, here is a list of customized Japanese blades with a short introduction about each weapon. The evolution of the Japanese Katana came from theTachi swordyet the primary difference between them was that the Tachi was worn with the cutting edge down while the Katana was worn with the cutting edge up.

Sharpened swords made of quality steel will occasionally require maintenance (5-minute oiling and cleaning every few months) so keep that in mind. If you were looking for the perfect gifts for men, then engraving on your sword can make a big difference between a Katana, and custom Katana that was intended for the person you want to give it to. Sword engravingwill ensure that your custom sword is unique and personalized for your taste. This opens up endless of possibilities, and you can engrave your favorite quotes, something meaningful and even an image. It is traditionally made out of lacquered wood, and it’s main purpose is to protects the Katana blade when it is not in use. You can plan the design of the Menuki to work with a specific theme of fittings like dragons or tigers, or any other design you can find from our selection.

The purpose of this process is to contribute to smooth customs inspections and to prevent cultural properties, which are valuable national assets, from accidentally making their way overseas. First, when purchasing a Japanese sword from outside Japan, it is important to check if your country allows for the import of Japanese swords. Even if we are able to export Japanese swords, some countries prohibit their import. If you are in a country that does allow for the import of these swords, we will start by creating a purchase agreement.

This is my first purchase from this company and it won’t be the last. I am a practitioner and Japanese sword collector and I have never never had a katana made for myself until now. I just opened it and already have compliments . From the ease of use for setting up My custom sword to the easy communication with your team. My Katana arrived and I love it so much, the beauty in it is amazing! Can’t thank you enough and I hope to pass this down for generations to come.

T1030 Katana Sword KUNITERU – Antiques

Our recommendation for you is to choose higher quality blade that uses the traditional methods of clay tempering. Yet today with modern steel being used, the folding process is not necessary for the blade capabilities, it is being done for traditional and aesthetic purposes. When the steel is folded, each fold multiply the layers of the steel, which creates a subtle Hada, and results in a beautiful grain pattern on the blade.

This also results in authentic Hamon line which can be seen on the Samurai Katana blade, different clay tempering techniques produce different Hamon patterns. Clay is being used to cover the blade, yet the edge is left exposed, so when it is heated and quenched, the edge of the blade cools quickly and becoming very hard, while the rest of the blade takes longer to cool, and produce a softer steel. This allows the Katana for increased force leveraged through the handle against any resistance of the material cut by its blade. For any sword enthusiasts like you, making the decision to choose full tang Katanais certainly a must. While most dao swords were made of steel or iron, the earliest dao was made of bronze. Because of its sturdiness, ease of use, and great chopping ability.

Custom Made Katana Sword

Just a note to let everyone know that the quality and service from katanasforsale cannot be duplicated. The service and attention to detail could not be duplicated. Tony walked me through the process of putting together a custom Tanto which I love. His opinion and help made the process effortless. Katanasforsale is a company that I would highly recommend and would look foward to doing more business with again.

For purely decorative purposes literally any sword will do. You can find very cheap stainless steel decorative replicas, usually under $50 which is quite an affordable price for anyone. They can be made of stainless steel or even wood, since they won’t be used for any kind of cutting and don’t need to be sharp or durable. Tony helped me in selecting individual pieces for all 4 swords and was patient throughout the whole process. He had all of them complete and on my door step within a few weeks of ordering. These are incredibly well made and was truly a unique gift to present during my wedding and went over very well.

As I requested the sword was sharpened to a very sharp edge. I could not be more happy, and will be ordering more swords from here in the future. This is a quality weapon that will be handed down each generation. The staff was completely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process (Tony is awesome!) My experience with Katanasforsale was top notch. I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend. For1095 carbon steelandT10 tool steelwe highly recommend traditional clay tempering.

The Katana sword is made from many different parts, each one contributes to the sword full functionality and each one is important, it might be confusing at first to keep up with all the Japanese terms for every part of the sword. Spears have been a vital weapon in large battles and the formation used were highly effective. It was one of the most common weapons used by infantry to block cavalry attacks.

Katanas for sale is a fantastic sword maker that I would recommend to anyone.” There is really nothing wrong with that , However if you are looking for somethingbetter,stronger, made according toyour specificationsand withhigh attention to details, then there are swords like our Samurai Katana swords. All of our Samurai swords are full tang and made with passion and dedication. Choosing the right steel for your Katana is the most important decision you can make when buying a Samurai sword. The Katana sword has the right amount of curve to allow the force of the blow to concentrate on a small part of the blade. We invite you to dive into our website and bookmark it, as well as join our large family of sword collectors and Japanese blade enthusiasts.


Thank you again Tony and I’m sure we’ll be talking soon on my next order! I’ve also recommended you to some of my guests from this weekend and they are excited to order some swords as well. I chose a design of their own and it is everything I hoped for.


The wakizashi I received from instantly became the best blade in my collection. It’s beautifully polished and folded, and the T10 steel has resisted scratches or edge damage from even quite severe wood cutting tests. It still glides through paper and has a beautiful finish. If you’re doubting the quality of these blades think again! The handsome fittings, powerful cutting ability, and strong construction really impressed me.

The Tachi is among the traditional Japanese swords or nihonto worn by the Samurai during feudal Japan. We will do our best to ship each sword as soon as possible, and if some part is out of stock and you would like to replace it with another for faster turn around time, that is possible. Another modern steel we offer is the9260 Spring steelwhich has silicon added to it, which results in a significant increase in fatigue resistance and allow for maximum flexibility. These are highly durable and for most dojo applications they are extremely resistant to bending and failures. Our most basic steel is the1060 carbonwhich is considered as our entry level Samurai swords.

The day came when it was delivered and I was so happy. It far exceeded my expectations and is my favorite sword! I have ordered 2 from Katanas For Sale and 1 from another place .

Originally the Menuki was meant to hide the Mekugi pegs. This is a peg that bolts the Tsuka to the Nakago, commonly made of bamboo, but can be made of copper or other materials. There are different Tsuba designs available made from different materials. The folding has to be done properly and with utmost care, otherwise it can create air pockets between the layers, which will eventually result in blade failure.

You can choose folded steel to further enhance the sword beauty and have the impressive texture of the thousands of steel layers on the sword. As a rule of thumb, the more complicated the techniques employed during the process of making the Katana blade. For high end swords we recommend choosing the high quality copper set of fittings which feature beautiful designs of animals, Samurai, Warriors, and lot more. The fittings are made by top notch craftsman and worthy to decorate your sword with. The main goal of the clay tempering process is to give the Katana a very hard edge that is stronger, more capable and durable, while at the same time keeping the spine of the sword softer and bendable. The Tachi sword was very efficient by the use of cavalry.

Alternatively keep reading and find out all about the special features we offer, and discover someSamurai sword buying tipsbefore building your dream Katana sword. Read through this page, as it contains a lot of information that will help you make the right decision when purchasing your Samurai sword. The name Nodachi is often translated as “field sword”, which some may call as Odachi, which translated as “great sword”, the Nodachi sword was conceived as a weapon for infantry soldiers against cavalry. Unlike the Katana sword, the Ninjato is a straight blade Ninja sword. The ninja would have had a variety of combat techniques to use the Ninjato with maximum efficiency.

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