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Little cottages, mostly of stone with bright red roofs, some three storey’s high, cling precariously to the cliffs upon which this village is built. It is a charming place and the little alleyways and terraces do indeed evoke images of smuggling. Legend has it that a tunnel through which King’s Beck discharges into the sea was used by smugglers, and that other tunnel’s branch from it in a network that runs beneath most of the village. The talk in the local pub is all of Robin Hood, did he pass through this bay whilst journeying to Whitby, or did he not?

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Browse 435 robin hoods bay stock photos and images available or search for ravenscar or whitby to find more great stock photos and pictures. Browse 12,549 robin hood stock photos and images available or search for robin hood hat or robin hood bay to find more great stock photos and pictures. As landscape photographers based in North Yorkshire we take our inspiration from the locations and scenes around us. Although the village is always beautiful, there are certain times of the day when Robin Hood’s Bay makes for a truly captivating vista. Our gallery of pictures features some of our favourite images and photos with each one being produced to the highest standards possible. Our selection has been specifically put together to showcase the character and natural beauty of this unique coastal town. Our images simultaneously reflect the visual beauty of this entrancing village and the enigmatic history it holds.

picture of robin hood

This charming village features many scenic locations from the incredible cliff-top views and the cobbled streets and houses that have stood for centuries to the fossil filled coast and the rolling gray waters. Some say that walking on the beach can feel like walking through the very legends that account for so much of the village’s unique history and character.

Explore us in our photo gallery and visualize yourself living the adventures of the outlawed Sherwood Forest with your children. After seeing these images you will have no doubts about the place where you will spend your family vacation; full of adventure, fun, exciting and relaxing times you will live at the Magic Robin Hood Medieval Resort, at Alfaz del Pi. Note, some markers show photographer’s position whilst others show photo subject location. The iconic legend of Robin Hood is inextricably linked to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Along with Maid Marion and his Merry Men, Robin Hood has captured the imaginations of countless generations with his exploits and skill with a bow and arrow. The IBM strategic repository for digital assets such as images and videos is located at

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With its coastal countryside walks, wonderful places to eat and drink, family friendly beaches and various ancient legends Robin Hood’s Bay is a magical place that attracts tourists and visitors throughout all seasons. Often referred to as the Dinosaur Coast, due to the many fossils discovered on the beach it is a truly unique location, filled with exciting history and striking scenery. Robin Hoods Bay’s beach was named one of the top 25 in the world by Passport magazine.

  • It seems likely that this stance is influenced by the pre-watershed programming schedule, suggesting a high proportion of intended viewers will be children – testament to the enduring appeal of the outlaw to this audience.
  • This repository is populated with tens of thousands of assets and should be your first stop for asset selection.
  • Despite the name, there aren’t any real links between this pretty coastal village and the famous outlaw.

the considered opinion seems to be that any connection between the outlaw and this beautiful bay is rather dubious. That being said, one does though, continue to ponder the possibility for this little place is alive with myths and legends of the smuggling trade that flourished here in the 18th-century. Look through our selection of photographs which celebrate the legend, places and objects associated with Robin Hood. Images also available as digital licensed images, art prints, canvases and gifts. The beach and fishing village of Robin Hoods Bay, the busiest smuggling community on the Yorkshire coast during the 18th century.

Little John Louis Rhead, From Bold Robin Hood…

The white building that you see in many photos of Robin Hood’s Bay is the 19th century inn, the Bay Hotel. You can enjoy great views of the bay from your room if you happen to be staying here during your visit. There is plenty to capture on camera in the village, the craggy coastline of the bay, the quaint narrow streets and the views from the nearby clifftops are breathtaking. In this photo illustration a Robinhood logo seen displayed on a smartphone with the stock market graphic in the background. Whilst there is no evidence that Robin Hood ever visited, the village still boasts a long and impressive history. It was the setting for the three Bramblewick novels by Leo Walmsley, a former resident of the bay. His second novel would later be adapted into a 1935 film ‘Turn of the Tide’, which was also shot on location in the village.

Despite the name, there aren’t any real links between this pretty coastal village and the famous outlaw. England, Yorkshire – A small fishing village called Robin Hood’s Bay, located on the coast of North Yorkshire, England. Perhaps the most popular way to enjoy the legend of Robin Hood is through film and television productions. These now have a long history in their own right, indeed it has been said that the Robin Hood films have been in existence for almost as long as there have been films. One of the most famous, Daniel Maclise’s Robin Hood currently hangs in the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery. Other representations include the familiar battle between Little John and Robin Hood, which together with many others can be found at the University of Nottingham’s Manuscripts and Special Collections Online database.

Financial service company is seen in front of a silhouette hand holding a mobile phone. In this photo illustration the Robinhood Markets logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen. In this photo illustration a Robinhood logo seen displayed on a smartphone. In this photo illustration a Robinhood Markets logo seen displayed on a smartphone. As such the outlaws’ clothes are modernised to make them more accessible to the audience, introducing hoodies to the legendary greenwood. It may be worth a visit to Nottingham Castle’s exhibition Robin Hood Up Close for a fuller picture. As a result of his previous experience of war, this Robin Hood does not kill; a dramatic divergence from the medieval Robin Hood.

It seems likely that this stance is influenced by the pre-watershed programming schedule, suggesting a high proportion of intended viewers will be children – testament to the enduring appeal of the outlaw to this audience. There are a variety of websites which make accessing images of Robin Hood easier than ever before, such as that compiled by Alan Wright and referenced below. It is significant however that most of these images are developed from the later story books, novels and films based on the legend, for no medieval depiction of the outlaw survives. The tradition of smuggling in Robin Hood’s Bay is well-documented and at one point the village was home to the largest smuggler community on the North Yorkshire coastline. Various commodities such as gin, rum, brandy, tea and tobacco regularly passed through the village on their way to markets throughout Britain. It is believed by many that the houses in the village are all linked by a network of underground passages.

These photographs and postcards are all of the Cromford Canal and Robin Hood area of Crich Parish. Historic England holds an extensive range of publications and historic collections in its public archive covering the historic environment. Discover and use our high-quality applied research to support the protection and management of the historic environment. See our extensive range of expert advice to help you care for and protect historic places.

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A walk across the bay to nearby Ravenscar at low tide can be richly rewarding. The scenery all around is nothing less than spectacular, especially when the waves are tinged bright copper by a golden, setting sun. There is though, a continuing battle between land and sea and raging storms have claimed many buildings. Over the years, many cottages and great chunks of cliff have been lost to the sea and this has caused the building of a huge rock sea wall to protect the village. The pretty village seemingly tumbles down the main cobbled street and finishes up where the sea laps the shore.

One of the most popular tourist spots along the North Yorkshire coastline, Robin Hoods Bay has a long and proud history and is set in a beautiful rolling natural landscape. Find out about listed buildings and other protected sites, and search the National Heritage List for England . Walkers who reach Robin Hood’s Stride are rewarded with outstanding views across the rolling countryside of the Peak District and some of the prettiest villages in Derbyshire. Robin Hood’s Stride is a rocky outcrop overlooking the pretty village of Elton, in Derbyshire. By tradition the sole province of Robin Hood is known to have been Sherwood Forest so it is interesting that both he and Little John feature in the romantic legends of the Peaks. Why don’t you upload your Robin Hood’s Bay photos to the reader photo gallery? Robin Hood’s Bay is famous with walkers as part of the coastal section of the Cleveland Way and for being the eastern point of Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk, of which the western point is 190 miles away in St. Bees in Cumbria.

The selection of flawless prints and photographs we carry successfully captures the glory of Robin Hood’s Bay and the very essence that ensures it as one of the nation’s best-loved coastal locations. This small village lies 5 miles south of Whitby, around 15 miles north of Scarborough and is known predominantly as a fishing and tourist destination today.

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